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Sermons on Misery

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Wait for the Morning


Right after the Virginia Tech University massacre, the worship leader at a community worship service turned to this text. On behalf of those ...

Sometimes we have to wait for God to lift us out of the depths.

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Why Is There So Much Suffering and Evil in the World?


Here are two photos, both showing scenes from two earthquakes of similar magnitude that happened within just days of each other just last ...

Three answers to the problem of evil

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You're In Good Hands


Have you ever noticed that the fear of getting a shot is often worse than the shot itself? You dread the moment, dread the moment, dread ...

You are in good hands here, because you are in God's hands.

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What Good Is Suffering?

A young lady, about 16 years old, gave her testimony at church one evening. Her life had been dramatically changed by Christ, and she was overflowing ...

We rejoice in suffering, because there are certain benefits that we can claim whenever we are faced with it.

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