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You're In Good Hands

You are in good hands here, because you are in God's hands.


Have you ever noticed that the fear of getting a shot is often worse than the shot itself? You dread the moment, dread the moment, dread the moment—then it happens, and you discover that you got through it just fine. Isn't that the way it is? You wonder why you wasted so much time worrying about a little shot.

It's often the same way with hard times. We wonder, What will I do if such and such happens? How will I get by? How will I survive? Then it happens, and we discover that we can get through it. It doesn't mean we like it. It doesn't mean it's easy. But we can get through it.

There are a few certainties in life. Here's one: As sure as the sun will rise tomorrow, you will, at some point, face tough times. It's inevitable. It's unavoidable. It's inescapable. Sooner or later, if not right now, you will be up against some big, big problems—health problems, money problems, job problems, family problems, marriage problems. There may be people who oppose you for no reasonable reason other than they decide to bring trouble into your life. Or you may find yourself being punished for trying to do good.

A couple of teenage girls from Colorado learned this lesson recently. Last July, instead of going to a weekend party where there might be drinking, they decided to stay home and make cookies for their rural neighbors. They dressed the cookies with little pink hearts and wrote a note that said, "Have a great night." They rang the doorbell of each home and left the cookies on the doorstep. Sounds like your basic, run-of-the-mill good deed, doesn't it? Well, one of their neighbors didn't appreciate their thoughtfulness. She later filed a lawsuit against the ...

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Steve May has been a pastor to pastors for more than 20 years, helping preachers and teachers to become more effective communicators of the gospel.

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Sermon Outline:


God promised to see Christians through any of life's storms, thus believers can certainly get through any of them.

I. God will honor you.

II. God will take care of you.

III. God will restore you.


You are in good hands, because you are in God's hands.