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Sermons on Last Days

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You may be familiar with the St. Crispin Day speech in Shakespeare's Henry V. King Henry is rallying the ragtag army—stirring them to fight a seemingly ...

We fight for a King who we know will prevail.

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The Trumpet Call of God
The Trumpet Call of God

From the editor

Eschatological issues have always been intriguing, but the interest has both widened and deepened in the last 25 years or so. Bestselling ...

Jesus Christ is coming back for his disciples, whether we live or sleep.

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Are We Living in the Last Days?

If you have been in a book store anytime in the last few years you have seen the books that comprise the Left Behind series. To say this series of books ...

Jesus wants us to live as if we are living in the last days, to be ready for his coming at any moment.

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A Guarantee for the Future

Do you know what I don't like about paying for some types of insurance? You don't know if you'll ever use it. It's possible to spend thousands and thousands ...

We need to live this life in such a way that we prepare ourselves to stand before Jesus on judgment day.

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How to Prepare for Your Final

Today we're finishing the series "Outlasting the Darkness." We've been looking at Jesus' teaching about the second coming and the last days. When he ...

When you stand before the throne, you will be graded according to your response to human need.

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What About the Tribulation and Rapture?

After Jesus was resurrected from the dead, he met with a number of his followers several times over a period of 40 days, and then he ascended into heaven. ...

One thing we are sure about is that Jesus is coming.

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