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The Trumpet Call of God

Jesus Christ is coming back for his disciples, whether we live or sleep.

From the editor

Eschatological issues have always been intriguing, but the interest has both widened and deepened in the last 25 years or so. Bestselling fiction and "wars and rumors of war" will do that. If you're looking to tackle the End Times, you'll benefit from reading this sermon by Lee Eclov. Lee finds ways to make the listener feel right at home with the more mysterious passages in the Word. It's due in no small part to his ability to tell a down-to-earth story and the great pains he takes to find just the right words.


Pastor Bob Russell often tells the story of his father's funeral. It was held on a cold and blustery winter day in Pennsylvania, and the snow was so bad—the wind was blowing so hard—that after the service at the church, the funeral director said the roads were impassible and that the typical funeral procession to the cemetery wouldn't be possible. He said to Bob, "I'll take your dad's body to the graveside." Bob couldn't bear the thought of that, so he, his brother, and a couple of their sons piled into an SUV and followed the hearse through the snow to the cemetery. Bob says:

We plowed through ten inches of snow into the cemetery, got about 50 yards from my dad's grave with the wind blowing about 25 miles per hour. The six of us lugged that casket down to the gravesite. We watched the body lowered into the grave, and we turned to leave. I felt something was undone, so I said, "I'd like for us to have a prayer." The six of us huddled together, and I prayed, "Lord, this is such a cold, lonely place." And then I got too choked up to pray anymore. I kept battling to get my composure, and ...

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Lee Eclov recently retired after 40 years of local pastoral ministry and now focuses on ministry among pastors. He writes a weekly devotional for preachers on Preaching Today.

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One of the bedrock truths that every Christian must know and every Christian must understand is this: Jesus Christ is coming back for his disciples, whether we live or sleep.

I. We do not grieve as those who have no hope.

II. The events of Christ's Second Coming


I don't know if resurrection bodies have adrenaline, but this I know: no one in all that excited assembly of saints and angels who meet the Lord in the air will be more thrilled to be there than Jesus himself.