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Sermons on Illness

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Preaching on Illness? Browse these sermons to find fresh ideas.

Amazing Faith

Story behind the sermon (from Steve Mathewson)

Every so often, a particular sermon stirs a congregation—and their pastor!—in stronger ways ...

By trusting God's goodness, ordinary people can have amazing faith.

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It Doesn't Sting Anymore


Tony Campolo, at the end of a sermon titled, "The Year of Jubilee," tells this story:

I went to my first black funeral when I was 16 years ...

Christ has swallowed up death.

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God Is Big Enough to Comfort My Suffering

There is purpose in our pain.

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Lessons from Lepers


We often look at thanksgiving backwards. We think of thanksgiving as thanking God for something that has happened to us already. The real ...

Thankfulness creates an opportunity for further blessing.

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Those Who Rise


The story is told of a farmer's donkey who stumbled into an old, dry well. For hours the animal cried piteously as the farmer tried to sort ...

Why suffering is a necessary part of building great families

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Don't Waste Your Cancer

Text: Various
Topic: How to respond to life-threatening circumstances

Editor's note: The richness of John Piper's theological reflection as it relates to ...

John Piper provides 10 ways to avoid wasting a circumstance or situation that threatens your life.

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Why Is There So Much Suffering and Evil in the World?


Here are two photos, both showing scenes from two earthquakes of similar magnitude that happened within just days of each other just last ...

Three answers to the problem of evil

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Encounter: The Vision of Witnessing


Several years ago, I was enjoying a day of recreation on a ski slope in central Wisconsin. While other friends from the church had gone ...

To reach the lost, we must see them with the compassionate eyes of the Father.

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