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Encounter: The Vision of Witnessing

To reach the lost, we must see them with the compassionate eyes of the Father.


Several years ago, I was enjoying a day of recreation on a ski slope in central Wisconsin. While other friends from the church had gone over to take on more challenging slopes, I was careening off trees and slicing through underbrush on a slope that was just one over from the bunny slope. Having lost all of my friends who would not be caught dead in a place where beginners start, I found myself at the bottom of the hill, friendless, but ready to take the chair lift to the top to find a little more challenging field, because I thought I was up to it.

I happened to get on the chair lift with a fellow who knew his way around this particular sport. He had orange and gold ski pants with matching gloves and hat, custom-made boots and skis and bindings, and all those good things. If there was any way that I could, I wanted to slither off the chair and get to another one. But it took off too quickly, and I was off the ground. I had to stay. So there we were, he in his gorgeous outfit, and I in mine. My ski outfit also happens to double as the pair of coveralls that I wear to work on my car in the wintertime. I was hoping for everything I was worth that I would be able to make it to the top in absolute silence.

But, for some crazy reason, he had the desire to make conversation. He said, "Do you like this ski resort better than the one up the road?" I was trying to formulate the words in my mind so that I might not sound like too much of a novice. But before I could even get words out of my mouth, he began to speak and answer his own question: "I like this one much better because the hills are more challenging. The moguls are more perfectly shaped and formed."

It became clear to me that he had much ...

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Sermon Outline:


I. God prepared Ananias and Saul for their encounter

II. The vision of Christ changes the perspective of the moment

III. Witnessing encounters turn the lost into members of the family