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Sermons on God, covenants of

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The Christmas Story According to Ruth

The story behind the sermon (from Steve Mathewson)

Pastors who stay at the same church long enough will eventually wonder what to preach during the Christmas ...

God shows his loyal love for the world by working through people like you and me.

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Flood of Judgment, Flood of Grace

There's a song children learn in church about Noah's ark and the flood. It goes something like this:

The Lord said to Noah, "There's going to be a floody, ...

In the midst of judgment, God weeps and then floods the world with his grace.

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Comfort for the Troubled Heart


The Allies had planned Operation Overlord for years, amassing vast armies, an incredible navy, and enough arms to release Europe from the ...

The cure for turmoil of the soul is trust in God's character and obedience to him.

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Inquiring of the Lord


I want to read to you an obscure little verse from an obscure part of the Old Testament. Very few people know this story, but it has a lot ...

Inquiring of the Lord enables us to identify God's plan for our lives and experience his provision.

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