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Comfort for the Troubled Heart

The cure for turmoil of the soul is trust in God's character and obedience to him.


The Allies had planned Operation Overlord for years, amassing vast armies, an incredible navy, and enough arms to release Europe from the tyranny of the Nazi regime. In charge of this massive war effort was American General Dwight D. Eisenhower. As the logistics expert, he orchestrated the operation and got the fractious Allies moving in the same direction. He even tamed the British generals, which was no mean feat. The day was set; the tides were right, but the weather was all wrong.

Eisenhower was the only person who could make the decision. A Royal Air Force meteorologist predicted a break in the weather, and Eisenhower gave the go ahead. But all the generals, the admirals, and the air vice-marshals who had been with him in the room promptly left Eisenhower alone. Suddenly, he had nothing to do. He sat down to write two news releases. In one he explained why the operation had failed and accepted full responsibility himself. The other announced that the operation had succeeded and thanked everyone who had participated.

Can you imagine the loneliness and inner turmoil of General Eisenhower at that moment? A 75 percent casualty rate was predicted in some areas of that attack. None of us will ever share the position Dwight D. Eisenhower was in on D-Day. We'll never know that kind of loneliness. Nevertheless, many of us have felt loneliness and inner turmoil.

Maybe you've worked with your colleagues for many years when you're called into the boss's office one morning. You think you're going to be offered a raise, but you're unceremoniously fired. Or perhaps you know what it is like to await surgery. In a quiet moment when you're totally alone, your heart is in turmoil. Some of you have experienced the horror of being ...

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Stuart Briscoe is minister-at-large of Elmbrook Church in Brookfield, Wisconsin, and author of several books, including What Works When Life Doesn't (Howard Books).

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II. Humbly seek to be obedient

III. Come into God's inner circle

IV. Seek God's integrity and uprightness

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