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Sermons on False religion

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A Man Like Us and a God Who Lives


Elijah is one of the Bible's most dramatic characters, because he experienced the light of God's presence even when everything around him ...

No matter how dark the world becomes, God brings the light through people who believe in him.

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The Christian Subculture: Righteous or Rubbish?


As believers, we sometimes feel pressured to act in certain ways, fit in with certain norms, or participate in certain activities. The pressure ...

When we try to live up to others' standards of righteousness, we miss the life Christ intended.

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Is the Father of Jesus the God of Muhammad?

Text: John 1:1–18
Topic: The commonalities and irreducible differences between Christianity and Islam

In 1995 there was a book published by Professor ...

The answer to the question, "Is the Father of Jesus the God of Muhammad?" is both yes and no.

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What About That Other Bible

There's another bible you can buy in your bookstores. It is the Gnostic bible. This bible has books in it like The Revelation of Adam, The Sermon of Zostrianos, ...

The Gnostic bible is not a source of truth leading us to God.

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