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Sermons on Christian service

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Preaching on Christian service? Browse these sermons to find fresh ideas.

Brother, Interrupted

Introduction: A tale of two brothers

In 1989, two brothers from Boston started a T-shirt business. For five years Bert and John traveled the East Coast, ...

Jesus called us to his kingdom so we may do good for the world.

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Consequential Strangers

Introduction: Everyday people

So who have you bumped into lately? Think for a minute about the multitude of people—strangers or acquaintances—whose ...

Seeing others as Jesus sees them

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A Hard Saying

Introduction: A hard saying

This morning we come to one of the hard sayings of Jesus. There are quite a few of them, actually. I have a book on my shelf ...

Doing good to the least of these

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No Strings Attached


For the last several weeks, we've been sowing the seeds of a revolution around here. Being in Massachusetts, this area is familiar with ...

Doing good for the kingdom of God

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What Can One Person Do?

Introduction: What now?

For five weeks we have been teaching ourselves to see what Jesus sees and feel what Jesus feels, as we make our way through our ...

Giving what we have for Jesus

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Introduction: Shouldn't we be saying something?

There are certain words or phrases that are almost guaranteed to make people really uncomfortable: root ...

Communicating the Good News as Jesus would

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What Christmas Love Always Does

From the editor:

Every year at Christmastime, news stations run video segments of crazy shoppers pushing and shoving each other to get their hands on the ...

God gave lavishly to us, and we will be blessed when we give lavishly to others.

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Who's the Boss?
Who's the Boss?

Story behind the sermon (from Lee Eclov)

I wonder if people aren't a little suspicious when we preach about work. When we say that all work is a calling, ...

At the core of the Christian work ethic is not what we do, but whom we serve.

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Brothers, Interrupted

The story behind the sermon (from Bryan Wilkerson):

This sermon was preached early in September to launch our ministry focus for the year, which we're ...

Jesus called us to his kingdom so we may do good for the world.

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God's Green Earth

Introductory remarks from Steve Mathewson:

This sermon definitely resonated with my listeners! Many of them had already been practicing environmental stewardship ...

We represent and glorify God by taking good care of his creation.

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A Better Peace Prize


At the turn of the 20th century, a man named Alfred was one of the preeminent scientists and entrepreneurs of his day. He made his fortune ...

The heart of a peacemaker

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The Flames of Heaven

Text: Revelation 21:1–3
Topic: What would happen if heaven crashed into earth


In Revelation 21:1–3, John gives us a glimpse—a ...

The flames of heaven will illuminate, expose, and refine our lives on Earth.

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Follow the Leader


A church fails for one of two reasons.

The first reason is poor leadership—the failure of those whom God has called to lead, to lead well, ...

The health of a local fellowship depends on each member's submission and responsible participation.

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My Favorite Heroes: Nehemiah


The hero that we are going to look at today is a man named Nehemiah. I want to say just a couple of things as we get ready to walk into his ...

Five characteristics of Difference Makers in this world.

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The Heart of a Servant


We're in the final week of a series called Fuel for the Soul. We've been talking about things you can do to turbo-charge your spiritual life—to ...

Energize your spiritual life through service by forgetting your limitations, being a team player, being willing to get your hands dirty, and turning your job into a ministry.

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The Foundations of a Life Well-Lived

After Jesus was tempted by Satan in the desert, he went to Galilee to begin his public ministry. Jesus had grown up in Galilee—in Nazareth, as ...

Your place in this world is the ministry that God has given you.

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