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No Strings Attached

Doing good for the kingdom of God
This sermon is part of the sermon series "Doing Good". See series.


For the last several weeks, we've been sowing the seeds of a revolution around here. Being in Massachusetts, this area is familiar with revolutionary talk, as you know. But unlike the other revolution that started just a stone's throw from here, this revolution isn't a political one; it's not a grab for economic power; and it's not fueled by military might.

This is a grassroots revolution of good. The title of our series is "Doing Good," and as we make our way through this year, we're encouraging one another to find creative ways of doing good. We're looking to saturate the greater Boston area with unprecedented goodness.

Since the series began, we've encouraged you to tell us your "doing good" stories, and a steady stream of them has been coming in. One couple left a 100 percent tip for their waiter, a college student who couldn't afford his second semester. This couple gave him some money and encouraged him not to let go of his dream for an education.

Another woman took her paper deliveryman's wife to the doctor and stayed with her all day when the woman discovered she needed emergency surgery. The woman from Grace was there to pray for her and provide her comfort during a very frightening experience.

And a third story came from someone on our tech team who heard last week's sermon four times, and by the fourth time hearing it, she was convinced that she needed to do something. Each week, she and a group of folks from our young adult ministry always go out to dinner after the evening service. Before heading out, she stopped at an ATM, took out some money, and decided that she would randomly pay for other people's dinners until the money was gone. ...

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Tom VanAntwerp serves as Pastor of Community Life at Grace Chapel in Lexington, Massachusetts.

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