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Sermons on Adultery

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The Lasting Marriage


In 25 years of pastoral ministry I've done close to 200 weddings. I always spend several hours with these couples trying to prepare them not ...

In marriage, the ideal is lifelong commitment.

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The Scarlet Letter


Today we're continuing to look at the Ten Commandments. We've seen that this isn't easy material. These commands are anything but sugarcoated. ...

Bringing adultery to the light

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Beautiful Music

This past Thursday, I had lunch with an old friend. We enjoyed the lunch hour reminiscing about old times, about the time he took me fishing, about the ...

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When Love Fails

From the editor

Given that Valentine's Day is this coming Sunday, many of you will probably be addressing themes like love, relationships, dating, and ...

God made marriage, so it should be honored.

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Raw Ugliness


On one level, this is a brilliant story handed down to us by a brilliant storyteller. This is a gripping, plot-twisting, edge-of-your seat ...

Humans battle and give into sin.

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What's a Single to Do?

Oneness, the Bible says, is where two people in a miraculous, God designed way, become one. It is a beautiful thing. Dating is designed to prepare you ...

God is not a killjoy. He is just smart, with a protective perspective on sex for our welfare.

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Don't You Believe It! The Myth of No-Consequence Sex


Today we're looking at the seventh of the Ten Commandments—"You shall not commit adultery." I will admit to you that I approach this ...

Sex is given by God to strengthen absolute commitment to our spouse.

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