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Beautiful Music

This past Thursday, I had lunch with an old friend. We enjoyed the lunch hour reminiscing about old times, about the time he took me fishing, about the things we had to say way back when before we knew what it would be like to be grown up.

When we were discussing our day around the table that evening, Brenda asked, "Now, how do you know him?"

Then I had to admit it. His sister was my first girlfriend. That, of course, pricked up a few ears. "Daddy," said one of our daughters, "did you think a lot about girls when you were younger?"

Now what do I say? Well, I had to admit it. "Yes, I did think a lot about girls when I was younger." Of course, there was no stopping now. "Mommy," and I saw Brenda thoroughly enjoying it now, "did you think a lot about boys when you were a teenager?" Yeah, Brenda thought a lot about boys too.

Sexuality is a beautiful gift.

Boys like girls, and girls like boys. And something happens that gets them married. What does the Bible have to say about sexual relations?

The first thing the Bible has to say about sexual relations is that our human sexuality is the best thing that's ever happened to us. Remember the story of Creation? God fashions Adam to romp and to roam in his beautiful new world. He brings all of the animals for Adam to play with. But they're not enough.

He's all alone in a crowd. God has to bring Eve, someone who is exactly like him and, yet, so different. What's behind it all? God says that loneliness is a curse, a curse that doesn't belong in his world. And the way to get around loneliness is to find relationships that matter with people who matter. The way God intended for that to happen in the most awesome way is across the gender lines.

You know, Hugh Hefner is on to something. Hefner is ...

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Wayne Brouwer teaches in the religion department at Hope College in Holland, Michigan.

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Sermon Outline:


Young love remembered.

I. Sexuality is a beautiful gift.

II. Marriage is sacred.

III. Intimacy demands safety.


Christ helps humans relate.