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Those Who Fall Away

We can either rest in Christ or we desperately need Christ.


I want to say at the outset that this is known as one of the most difficult passages in all the Bible. There are all kinds of interpretation. In fact, I have a whole book that was written on nothing but this passage, four different views of it. The Greek is incredibly difficult. And even once you land on a certain translation it's still hard to know exactly what the author is saying. The amazing thing is, he puts this in the context of he's complaining to the Hebrews that he has to spoonfeed them, that they're not mature enough to take what he really wants to teach them.

(Read Heb. 5:11-6:12)

Let's remember that the Book of Hebrews is about moving forward. We can't drift backwards. The author is writing to the Hebrews, lest they become nostalgic and go back to their previous way of life and Judaism. He wants them to pursue Christ, to live for Christ, to love Christ. Don't go back into the law. So, the whole theme of Hebrews is to keep moving forward in faith in Christ.

Here is an example where he's telling them that they're not moving forward enough. They're in danger of going back. He pushes them personally. Then he gives them this warning.

We need to ask ourselves when we read those first four verses there in chapter five, "Am I moving forward in maturity?"

Dull of Hearing

His big gripe with them, is that he can't really teach them what he wants to because he has to spoonfeed them. They're not ready, they're not spiritually mature enough. He says, "About this we have much to say, and it's hard to explain." It's something that's very difficult to explain. Why? Because it's inherently difficult? No, "Since you have become ...

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Hershael York is pastor of Buck Run Baptist Church in Frankfort, Kentucky, as well as professor of Christian Preaching and dean of Southern Seminary's School of Theology in Louisville, Kentucky.

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