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Tests Into Treasure

Bad things will happen, but never doubt that God is still good.


Ian Barclay wrote that in 1588 terrible storms lashed across the Orkney Isles. A Christian fisherman wrote that as he saw his home, his boat, and his fishing equipment destroyed by it, he almost gave up his faith. How could it happen when he has stood right there praying for protection? Where was God and what was he doing?!

That picture is so real and true to me as I look back over the last few years and it doesn’t seem to get easier. But rather than turn away that’s why I need the Lord and this word from the Book of James today. To help me navigate a way forward.

One of my Granddaughter’s favourite books says it all really. So many of the lessons we need to know about life are there in what we to teach our kids and she loves the book called, We’re Going On A Bear Hunt.

They set out on an adventure. That’s the reality of life, but it’s scary and hard at times. Long grass, deep river, mud, a dark forest, into a deep cave. Every time, I read it Poppy says:

We can’t go over it

We can’t go under it

Oh NO!

We’ve got to go through it …

We’re all going through something right now. Other people we’re praying for and helping around the world are going through even worse. And we will see again today that the Bible doesn’t gloss over that or try to avoid it because YES we all have to go through things that we’d rather go round. The older I get, the more I realise it.

(Read James 1:1)

James is Jesus’ half-brother, younger brother, fathered by Joseph. He didn’t believe in Jesus’ claims to be God, to be the Messiah. He joined with the rest of the family to try to stop him from saying those things. Thought he was crazy. “You’re ...

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Anthony Delaney is a Leader at Ivy Church in Manchester. He is also the leader for New Thing and the LAUNCH conference. He is an author and hosts the television show “Transforming Life.”

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