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A Win-Win Situation

Gaining a biblical perspective on life and death
This sermon is part of the sermon series "Harmony and Humility in the Church". See series.


Every so often we find ourselves in a win-win situation. No matter which way it goes, we come out ahead.

For example, at school we decide to drop our second period calculus class and take a second period economics class instead. There are two economic classes that meet second period, so the academic advisor is going to look over the class rolls and decide which class we'll be assigned to. As we think about the two classes, each of them has something going for it. One class has a great teacher who makes the class really interesting and fun. The other class has my best friend in it, and that pretty girl I've been trying to get to know. Either one is great—a win-win situation.

Or, this Saturday my boyfriend thinks he can get the day off work, and we can drive up to Julian and pick some apples. If he can't get the day off work, well, there are three of us girls that have been talking about hitting the mall and doing some serious shopping. The stores are having sales to clear their fall merchandise to make way for the winter season. Julian with my boyfriend or the mall with my girlfriends. Either one is great—a win-win situation.

Or, maybe our husband has promised us a getaway weekend. If it's sunny and doesn't rain, we'll go up the coast to Carmel. If a storm hits the coast, then well go to Palm Springs. Three days alone with our husband—Carmel or Palm Spring. Either one is great—a win-win situation.

Maybe we get an e-mail from our grown kids. They're trying to decide between spending the money to fly themselves and the grandkids out to California for Thanksgiving, or to fly us to Orlando where they'll meet us for three days at Epcot and Disneyworld. All right! Three days at Thanksgiving with ...

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Donald R. Sunukjian is professor of homiletics and chair of the Christian Ministry and Leadership Department at Talbot School of Theology in La Mirada, California.

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