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Taken Up Into Glory

We are to fulfill the mission God has called each of us to complete.


In this series we have been walking in the footsteps of Jesus during his final days on earth. I have sought to employ the metaphor of being on a tour. For the first part of the tour Matthew was our guide as we went from the upper room to the tomb. Following the resurrection, we watched eyewitnesses tell us their experience of being with Jesus following his resurrection from the dead. This is the final sermon in the series and provides a fitting end to Jesus’ earthly ministry.

Have you ever noticed, when you tour a museum today you always go through a gift shop on your way out of the museum? This is the one last opportunity to get your money. As you walk through the gift shop there are t-shirts, hats, shot glasses, pencils, anything you can think of that commemorates your visit. Well, we may not be in the gift shop today as we finish our tour, but if we were, I think there would be a t-shirt you could buy saying “be my witnesses because I am coming back.”

As we come to the end of Jesus’ ministry on earth, we might ask the following question, “What happens next?” The final stop on this tour answers this question both for the disciples and for us today. Let’s dive into the opening verses of Luke’s second book, Acts. The Book of Acts shows us what happens next after the ministry of Christ. In addition, the first few verses of the book give us details about what we are to take with us into the world. Just like the souvenir we might buy in the gift shop; these verses remind us of where we have been. This text shows us what we must do, with where we have been.

A Final Moment with the Disciples

What Luke records for us in these opening words of Acts contain the final teachable ...

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David Karn is the Senior Pastor at Grace Community Church in Goldsboro, NC.

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