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More Than a Holiday - Receiving Power

The Holy Spirit gives us the power to become more Christlike.


We’re in the fourth week of our Advent series where we are considering the Christmas message together, that God became a man in Jesus. What I want to get across in this series is that the message of Christmas is not just a Christmas message. Jesus’ humanity has important implications for our everyday lives. So far we’ve seen how as a human Jesus teaches us how to grow in wisdom, his humanity changes the way we face temptations, he helps us to persevere through suffering, and today before we head into Christmas morning, Jesus is going to teach us what all of us should be asking for for Christmas.

What do you want for Christmas? Well, whatever it is, there is one wish, one request that should top the list of every Christian here. If you want to live in this world like Jesus did with spiritual effectiveness and power, there’s one essential gift that we all must receive. And I want to share with you what it is and how you get it.

[Read Luke 11:11–13]

What do you need for Christmas? What’s on your list? We all need various things to get by in life, and what we find ourselves so often needing is strength. Strength to face the strains of life. Strength to go on, power to overcome sin, power to change and be effective for the Lord. And if you’re anything like me, you pick up your Bible and it seems like everywhere men and woman are living with this supernatural power, and you ask, “How do I experience it in my life?” And if you’re asking that question, if you want more than to just look at the map, if you want to live in its reality, you’re not alone.

The disciples saw this power in Jesus’ life and they were asking that very question. They thought maybe ...

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Jeremy McKeen is the founding and Lead Pastor of Truth Point Church in West Palm Beach, Florida.

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