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The Once Wise Man

Through a star, a magnificent star God showed us his power and through a small vulnerable baby named Jesus he showed us his love.

A wise man ... A man of knowledge ... An advisor to kings.

These were once words used to describe me. Of course, I had not actively pursued such distinction. These titles instead were given to me. It was not because of my own achievement or accomplishment, instead my father had great influence and he made sure that his son, me, would be a person of distinction.

In my youth, of course I reveled in my prestige. I was assigned great mentors and teachers who taught me about many things. However, my passion became the study of the heavens, the stars.

I threw myself into the pursuit of knowledge and there I found an important principle that has governed my life since. The principle does not emphasize the answers but that the question you ask will determine the knowledge you acquire. For example, if I was to ask “Where did this rock come from?” that would determine my pursuit for knowledge and to a great degree my destiny. It would later prove to my great advantage to have chosen the pursuit of the heavens.

Have you ever studied the stars? I mean really studied them? You can get lost in them. The sky seems endless. And the stars are incredible. I wonder how they got there. And what do they mean. The popular belief is that they are past great kings; former world leaders. Don’t you remember the story about when Julius Caesar died—how a new star suddenly appeared in the sky? I am not sure though, that is what those stars mean.

Growing up I pursued the knowledge of the heavens and studied and observed them with obsession. However, my many teachers and mentors realized that as an advisor to princes and future rulers I had to have a broad base of knowledge, so I was instructed in the history of civilizations. It was ...

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Joel Sutton is the senior pastor at First Evangelical Free Church in Minneapolis, MN.

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