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Christmas Stories: A Jesus Story

Christ's coming was anything but ordinary.


(Read Luke 2:1-20)

How it starts

Listen, my friends, and you will hear
a Christmas story that has no peer.
It's better than Grinches and Scrooges and elves;
it's better than any Christmas book on your shelves.
It's an ancient story but, in 60s terms, "groovy;"
why, it's even better than a Hallmark movie.

It begins not in Nazareth or Bethlehem, no;
it begins higher up, up in heaven, you know.
Where God lives and God reigns and God looks from above
at a sinful people with whom he's in love.
"I must get this fixed. They can't fix it alone.
The time's right to send Jesus: God in flesh and bone."
This was no last second thought on God's part, don't you see?
God knew all along when the right time would be
to send Jesus to save folks like you and like me.

Though Jesus has always existed in heaven,
God didn't send him at age 30 or 20 or 16 or 7.
Jesus didn't come full-grown and in charge;
He came as a baby and one not so large.
Was he six pounds or seven or eight pounds or nine?
We don't know what he weighed, any weight would be fine.
It's the fact that he came, that he crossed the line,
from heaven to earth through normal childbirth.
He came, that's what matters, that's what matters the most.
He came down from heaven to his missionary post.

He came as the God-Man; yes, it's hard to imagine: fully God, fully man? But it really did happen. John in his Gospel called Jesus the Word, eternal, forever; don't think it absurd. This is Trinity at work: Father, Son, Holy Spirit; existing as one though each does his thing, and the Son's thing was to come to the earth and to bring God down to our level, God down from the sky, God we could see without having to die. The Godhead ...

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John McCallum is Senior Pastor of First Baptist Church, Hot Springs, Arkansas, where he has served for 22 years.

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Dwayne Smith

December 20, 2017  9:15am

Beautiful! Thank you so much.

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Sermon Outline:


I. How it starts

II. How it was foretold

III. The journey to Bethlehem

IV. Christ is born

V. The shepherds see a strange sight and meet Jesus

VI. Mary remembers the story