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The Characters of Christmas: Zechariah

God has the power to work through us despite what we believe is a problem/deficiency.

About the Series

We all love a good story. A well-crafted story contains a beginning, middle, and end. The plot keeps the reader engaged as conflict moves to resolution. However, it’s the characters in the story that give life to the plot. It’s the characters that readers connect with and remember long after a story is told. Stop and think about some of your favorite characters in a favorite story.

Remember the movie Cast Away? It’s about the Federal Express executive, named Chuck, played by Tom Hanks. Chuck was on a business trip when his cargo plane crashes in the Pacific Ocean. He survives the crash and floats on a raft to a deserted Island. Chuck was never found and for four years he will live in isolation, disconnected from humanity. Eventually packages from the plane, that were to be delivered to people, begin floating to the beach and Chuck opens them. In one package was a Wilson volleyball. The volleyball becomes a major character in the story. Chuck names him Wilson. After four years, they finally have an opportunity to make it off the island on a make-shift raft. Wilson is set on a perch on the raft, but after an intense storm Wilson falls off that perch and into the ocean and floats away. By the time Chuck realizes Wilson is in the water, he tries to swim to him, but is unable. The sad music begins to play, and Chuck lays sprawled out on the raft crying and apologizing to Wilson who floats away in the Ocean.

As you watch and engage with the story, you cannot help having feelings of sadness over a volleyball named Wilson who became a lonely man’s friend while stranded on an Island. We may not have volleyballs as friends, but a simple character like Wilson can bring life to a story and make ...

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David Karn is the Senior Pastor at Grace Community Church in Goldsboro, NC.

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