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The Characters of Christmas: Joseph

We must learn to align our lives to God’s plan as he leads.


Matthew’s gospel tells the story of Joseph and how Joseph learns that Mary is pregnant with the Messiah. Joseph was a descendant of Abraham, as shown in Matthew’s detailed description of Jesus’ lineage. This genealogy is extremely important for Matthew’s gospel, because Matthew is writing to Jewish people to introduce them to the Messiah.

Joseph is very much a part of the Christmas story. We will discover that Joseph must learn to align his life to God’s plan as he leads. This is a truth every believer in Jesus the Messiah must learn to obey. Before we look at Joseph’s story, let me introduce you to a man named Timothy.

Timothy is a Senior Software Developer for a large corporation and is studying for his master’s degree in business administration. He has been married to his wife for fifteen years. They have two children, a son who is eight-years-old and a daughter who is six. They have a very busy life because both of their children love soccer and every Saturday morning Timothy and his wife take their kids to soccer games. They are often at different locations and so they make plans every week to join up for lunch at Chick-Fil-A.

Timothy and his wife are strong believers in Christ, and church is central to their life. Every Sunday morning you will find Timothy and his family sitting in the same row at church, center section, just off to the right-hand side of the pew, because Tim will only sit on the end—if he sits anywhere else he becomes claustrophobic. Their kids love the children’s ministry on Sunday and Wednesday evening while mom and dad enjoy a Bible study of their own. They are a typical family and Timothy leads a simple and comfortable life.

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David Karn is the Senior Pastor at Grace Community Church in Goldsboro, NC.

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