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Finding Your Way in the Unfamiliar

At the crossroads, seek security within God’s system.


Over winter break, one of my goals was to reconnect with old friends. When school and work are moving full-speed ahead, long conversations about life and faith with anyone who’s not right in front of me take the back burner. Maybe I’m not the only one.

So my husband Andrew and I went home to Virginia and had a sort of friendship binge. I got breakfast with my small group from high school, talked on the phone with old college roommates, shared meals with several couples from church—it was great. These were the kind of macro-conversations you have when you haven’t seen each other in a while: not just “How was your week?” but “How was your year? How have you grown? What’s been hard?” Big-picture stuff. And as we listened to our friends and reflected upon this season in our own lives, a definite pattern emerged.

Almost every Christian we talked with is facing this all-consuming uncertainty about the future. It’s a ministry job that could send them across the country with only a month’s notice. Or it’s waiting to hear back from that PhD program that could move her thousands of miles from family and friends. Or it’s that new relationship or unplanned pregnancy that demolishes those well-laid career plans. For so many of us, the future feels formless and void.

I don’t think us Virginians are alone in the uncertainty. Many of us here are finishing up our programs and looking ahead into a future that’s cloudy and gray and trying to discern how God will use this thing we’ve been working on for what feels like forever.

Maybe you’re facing graduation and still on the hunt for the job that will take you who knows where. Maybe ...

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Stephanie Juliot is a Masters of Divinity student at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. She received a B.A. in Biblical Langauges from Moody Bible Institute in Chicago, where she met and married Andrew Juliot. They currently live in Vernon Hills, Illinois and attend Long Grove Community Church. Stephanie enjoys reading, taking walks, playing board games with friends, and visiting family in Virginia and Colorado.

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