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Handling Your Insecurities

For Christians, focusing on God's promises provides an anchor for the soul.


I've been checking on the United States Constitution recently, especially when I found out that the Bill of Rights is now 200 years old. I was particularly interested in the preamble of the Constitution, where I read why the founding fathers felt it would be appropriate to establish this new nation. The point of the Constitution was "to establish justice, to ensure domestic tranquility, to provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty." The dominant theme there is security. The founders were concerned that people be delivered from injustice. They wanted to ensure domestic tranquility and national security. They wanted to secure the blessings of liberty. This is not surprising, because whenever people come together, they usually are looking for security they cannot find individually. Deep down we have a sense of individual insecurity and hope to cooperate with other people.

Maxwell Maltz, who wrote PsychoCybernetics, estimates that 95 percent of people in our society have a strong sense of inadequacy. I have no difficulty believing that figure. The only surprise is the other 5 percent. Why aren't those guys feeling insecure? Inferiority, inadequacy, and insecurity all go together. When you look at what it means to be a human being, you wonder how anyone feels secure. You can't even count on your next minute or your next breath. Many circumstances are totally out of our control. Any thinking person recognizes some degree of insecurity.

For help with insecurity, I point you to Hebrews 6:19, a delightful little statement: "We have this hope as an anchor for the soul, firm and secure." I want to concentrate on the expression, "an anchor for the soul." The anchor was ...

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Stuart Briscoe is minister-at-large of Elmbrook Church in Brookfield, Wisconsin, and author of several books, including What Works When Life Doesn't (Howard Books).

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I. Insecurity is a real issue in our society

II. Biblical examples of security

III. God is the source of true security