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Called Out and Called Up

Commit to consistently grow up in your spiritual walk.


Our title for today's message is "Called Out and Called Up." One of the things that people misunderstand about the Christian faith is how God utilizes conviction for his glory. How many of you have been convicted by God? I'm talking about when God just ate your lunch in your heart. You know, just went after you. If God isn't calling you out you will never get called up. In other words, if God never jams you up, he will never grow you up. So being jammed up by God is a good thing, where he backs you in a corner. He loves you enough to tell you about yourself.

What I like about God is God isn't somebody that enters your newsfeed online and puts you on blasts in the comment line in front of your followers. You know, God is a gracious God, he will inbox you. Then he'll make you go into your own newsfeed and rebuke yourself because you know how good he's been to you in the inbox. So don't mistake God inboxing your soul, that is God calling you, as him not loving you. He wants to call you up. That's what I love about a relationship with God. It's never wasted conviction with him. God doesn't tell his people off just to tell them off. See, some of us are so used to giving each other a piece of our mind. But God gives us a piece of himself, if you will, if not all of himself to help us to be better.

So Paul culminates 1 Corinthians in a powerful way, as he has been challenging God's people to grow up in every single area of their life. So in chapters 1-4 he gave them the foundation of their spiritual immaturity. Paul is getting up in the faces of believers and confronting them with their carnality, stinking thinking, cliques, and lack of submission to spiritual ...

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Eric Mason is the founder and lead pastor of Epiphany Fellowship in Philadelphia, PA. He is also the founder and president of Thriving.

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