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Who Is Jesus?

Whoever this Jesus is, he is all-encompassing.


Who is Jesus? So this is the time we celebrate Christ's birth. And we have many traditions to commemorate Christ's birth. But the question still is, who is he? The answers to that question are as many and as varied as there are people in this room. Probably even more so because people have two or three or four opinions. As we assess the different opinions of Jesus, there are a few opinions that trump them all.

The apostles, the biblical word, referring to those who are chronologically closest to Jesus and the events of his life. They were those who were there. They're not like me speaking this morning two thousand years removed from it. They walked with Jesus, or they walked with those who walked with Jesus. They were specifically commissioned by Christ to be his representatives. Jesus said, "You, go and tell people about me and represent me to the world." Which is why their writings, as recorded in the Bible, trump any other opinion about Christ.

One of those apostles is the apostle Paul. The apostle Paul was a man who lived in the same time and the same timeframe as Jesus, and his will, plan, even vocation was to destroy the church. But in God's will this same man was transformed utterly and completely. Paul went from enemy to primary advocate.

He writes a letter to the Christian church in the ancient city of Colossae, which is in modern day Turkey, because in that church and in that city, like today, there are varied opinions as to who Jesus is—Jesus is this, Jesus is that. Paul writes this letter to set the record straight. This is who Christ is. It's important to note that we believe, as does the church throughout history, that while these words are the very words of the apostle Paul they are equally ...

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CJ Coffee serves as one of the pastors of The Well Church in Portland, Oregon.

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Sermon Outline:


I. 'Image of the invisible God'

II. 'Firstborn of all creation'

III. 'He is before all things'

IV. 'Head of the body, the church'

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