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More Than a Holiday - Growing in Wisdom

True wisdom grows in community, obedience, and trials.


I’m excited to kick off our Advent series that we’ve called “More Than a Holiday,” because in this series, we’re going to learn that Christmas is much more than a holiday. Christmas is the celebration of God becoming a man, the incarnation, but how should the incarnation, how should Jesus’ humanity change and affect our everyday lives? That’s the question that we’re going to consider this Christmas season. And it’s going to be a good balance for us as a church because we’ve been studying the Gospel of John, and John’s emphasis is on Jesus’ divinity. He presents Jesus as the Son of God, whereas Luke presents Jesus as the Son of Man and emphasizes his humanity. And it’s important that we keep the two natures of Christ together because, frankly, we tend to view Jesus sort of like Data from Star Trek: The Next Generation. He was more than human but not totally human. He was almost human but not quite human, and that’s sort of how we can view Jesus, but Jesus wasn’t almost human. He was totally human. He was and is both fully God and fully man, and as man he showed us what it means to be truly human in this world.

As a human, he shows us how to grow in wisdom. That’s the first aspect of Jesus’ humanity that we’re going to look at in this Advent series. How do we do it? How did Jesus grow in wisdom?

[Read Luke 2:41-52]

Jesus grew in wisdom the same way we are to grow in wisdom. He learned and applied God’s truth to real life. That’s wisdom: the skill of applying God’s truth to real life. And two times here Luke tells us that Jesus grew in wisdom. Once at the end of the story in verse 52 and another ...

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Jeremy A. McKeen is the Senior Pastor of the First Congregational Church of Hamilton, MA.

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