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More Than a Baby

Jesus came in a wooden manger to die on a wooden cross.


We find in Luke 1 the well-known story of the prophecy of the birth of Jesus that comes to Mary. Most of you could give me the details of the story right now, and you don't need me to even read it. But we're going to do it anyway, because like every famous or very popular passage in Scripture we miss things all the time.

But before we go to Luke 1, let's read why we need Luke 1. It's like when you come into the movie in the middle and you start asking people around you, "Why is he mad at her?" "Was she married to him? I don't get this." We don't want to do that here. So first let's read Genesis 3 to get the idea of why we even need Luke 1.

Read (Genesis 3:1-8)

Did God say that? No, it's not a rhetorical question like, "No, he didn't say 'You can eat of any tree except for this one specific tree.' Just so you know, there's no like two trees in the garden—one's good; one's bad. There's a ton of trees, and you can't eat from just one tree." So Eve corrects him a little bit in verse 2. Is that true? No, that's our first form of legalism. God gives a command, "Don't eat of that one tree," and what does Eve do? She adds a command onto the top of it.

In Genesis 2:15, we find the command God gave Adam. He doesn't say you can't touch it. He says you can't eat it. So we don't know if this is Adam not relaying the command correctly to Eve or if it's Eve not remembering it correctly. We do know that if they eat from this one tree they're going to die. Now it doesn't say that God's going to kill them. It says that they're going to die. There's a big difference. Verse 17 ...

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Ryan Welsh serves as lead pastor for Redeemer Church, a Sojourn Network congregation in Bellevue, Washington.

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I. Who is Mary?

II. Who is Jesus?

III. Mary's questions

IV. Mary's emotions

V. Mary's response

VI. From the manger to the Cross