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Estimating the Value of God's Gift

Open, receive, and use God's gift?


Christmas was an exciting time and Joey was excited too; as excited as any 10-year-old boy could be. For him Christmas was still a time of wonder. He did the things most 10-year-olds do. He played ball, rode his bike, went fishing with his dad. He was a happy kid. He just enjoyed life, every part of life. To him life was full of wonder and amazement. And Christmas was the most wonderful time of all.

It was Christmas Eve and the ground was white with snow. It was cold and clear. The stars were bright. The family was on their way to the grandparent's house—that was the family tradition. Joey could hardly wait. His mind raced with ideas about what present would be under the tree for him tonight.

Every year they'd gather at grandpa and grandma's house. There was always a huge tree and there was always presents under the tree for everyone. The kids would sneak peeks to find out where theirs were located. Joey was usually one of the first to find out where his present was placed, but this year it was different. He didn't find his right away, even though he searched all over.

He began to worry. Then his eyes caught a big box in the corner. It was huge. He slowly walked over to it and sure enough written on the tag was his name. He grinned from ear to ear, his eyes wide with excitement.

Grandpa always handed out the presents. He wasn't very fast but this year he seemed especially slow and wouldn't you know it, Joe's name was the last one called. When it was, he bolted up to Grandpa, "Is this really mine, is that big present really mine?" Grandpa reassured him it was. He tore into the package and what do you think he found in that large box? It was the best Christmas ...

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Mark Mitchell is the lead pastor of Central Peninsula Church in Foster City, California.

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Sermon Outline:


I. The value of God's gift is measured by its motive

II. The value of God's gift is measured by its cost

III. The value of God's gift is measured by its usefulness