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What Kind of Heart Does God Desire?

In crisis moments we are challenged as people of God not simply to just survive, but to actually thrive.
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David is often described as "a man after God's own heart." That is how Samuel described him at the point that he was going to be anointed king over Israel. As I reflected on David's life on the story before us, I thought that description may have something to do with David's heart. I would like to draw our hearts to see that David had a heart after God's own heart.

We live in challenging times, don't we? I was here a month ago when the financial system was collapsing; it was simply unbelievable. For many of you, it has reshaped the way you live. A friend of mine said that about forty percent of his savings were completely decimated. Many of you who are looking forward to retirement may be frightened because your benefits or pensions are at risk. So, for some, this may be a moment of crisis. This sense of crisis and unpredictability of the times we live in, however, can present an opportunity.

Did you know that the word crisis is also the same word for opportunity? The Greek word is kairos—crisis/opportunity. In crisis moments we are challenged as people of God not simply to just survive, but to actually thrive. Isn't it true, however, that in these moments of crisis or moments of glory, our faith can be especially distant? In the story of David we learn what it was that made him the man after God's own heart. Of those of us in leadership, whether in charge of church or society, what kind of heart does God desire? The Bible speaks clearly that out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks. There is a sense in which we look at the words David spoke where we can have a glimpse as to what is really in his heart, particularly at this moment in his own life, at this particular season. For David, it is a season ...

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The Anglican Assistant Bishop David Zac Niringiye retired from the pulpit seven years ago in order to fight for social justice in Uganda.

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I. The moment of glory

II. The message from God

III. The humbled heart

IV. Advising God?