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Global Preaching Voices

A dynamic collection of expository sermons from Asia, Africa, and Latin America

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How to Look at People with God's Eyes

Living God's love for the lost.

Where Do You Want to Finish Your Life?

At death, will your life count?

Rethinking the Great Commission

How do disciples live out the Church's mission?

God's Dwelling Place

Christians fitting together to compose God's dwelling place.

The God Who Answers By Fire

These are days when the spirit of Elijah must prevail so we can seek God’s holiness, truth, and justice.

Changed People, Changing Lives

You have to be changed if you want to change others.

What Kind of Heart Does God Desire?

In crisis moments we are challenged as people of God not simply to just survive, but to actually thrive.

Weathering the Storms of Compromise

Is it possible to follow Christ without compromise? The Bible gives a resounding yes.