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God's Plan for Your Body

Your body is ultimately about bonding with God and others, not sexuality.
This sermon is part of the sermon series "Project Hazmat: Handling Today's Tough Topics". See series.


I often need to fix and repair things, but I'm not very good with nails. I'm even worse with screws, and there are some things that duct tape just can't repair. I know because I've tried. And when I can't use one of those three categories, I move to Super Glue and all of its powerful properties. If something is broken and I can't fix it any other way, I go to the utility drawer and pull out the bottle of Super Glue.

Super Glue can be really good or it can be really, really bad. For example, I go to the Super Glue bottle and try to unscrew the lid, but that lid, of course, was put on there a week ago when I used it before. And Super Glue got on the lid, so now it's super glued to the bottle itself. And even though I live in a country with remarkable technological advances, there's still no way to get a Super Glue lid off a Super Glue bottle that's already been used. So I twist it and turn it and I get frustrated, and I think, Oh, I'll just use pliers.

So I get the pliers and I squeeze the bottle trying to get it off, and of course no Super Glue's coming out of where it's supposed to be coming out. But it starts to bleed out of the sides of that cranky little metal bottle. And now it's all over my fingers. I wipe my fingers together to get the Super Glue off, but they are now adhered one to another. And of course what can you do at that point? Close your eyes, be a man, and pull your hands apart. Yow! My skin tears and it hurts like crazy, and it's just so frustrating. Super Glue can be bad—really bad.

But it can be really good, too. When I actually use it in the right way, I can put my wife's broken teacup back together. I can fix the ...

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Stewart Ruch III is the rector of the Church of the Resurrection in Wheaton, Illinois and the bishop of the Midwest Diocese for the Anglican Church in North America.

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