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Project Hazmat: Handling Today's Tough Topics

A sermon series on how to handle today's most controversial social issues

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Let the Dividing Walls Come Down

Only Jesus Christ can destroy the racial dividing wall and create a new, unified community.

Blessing the World and Ourselves, Too

Practice justice, like God himself, and you will be blessed and you will bless the world.

Your Questions about the Bible: Homosexuality

Your primary identity is not your sexuality; it's who you are as a man or woman in Christ.

Modern-day Slavery and Our True Liberator

In dealing with the unthinkable reality of modern-day slavery, we need our True Liberator to give us hope.

God and Caesar

Give government its due, but don't relinquish your religious liberties.

The Grace of Being Tender-Hearted

Caring for the poor and immigrants doesn't earn salvation; it's the evidence of our salvation.

Divorce and the Seeds of Resurrection

Even in the midst of a heartrending divorce, we can find the hope and power of Christ's resurrection.

Finding Joy in Our Differences

Whether you're black or white, Hispanic or Asian, your primary identity is found in Christ.

The Gift of Celibacy

What makes humans truly human is union with God, not union with another human.

God's Plan for Your Body

Your body is ultimately about bonding with God and others, not sexuality.