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The Rock That Doesn't Roll

We can trust God as the solid, dependable Rock who provides protection.

Story behind the sermon (from Bryan Wilkerson)

This is a sermon I've wanted to preach for a long time, ever since I took a D. Min course from Warren Wiersbe on Preaching with Imagination. Wiersbe walked us through the entire Scripture, calling attention to the metaphors through which God has chosen to reveal himself and his will. He gave us permission to "let our imaginations run wild" with them, recognizing that's the reason God wrapped his truth in metaphor. Being a lifelong fan of rocks, it was the first image I longed to explore. For some reason, it took me years to actually preach the sermon!

This was the introductory message in a summer series entitled, "I AM: God in His Own Words." The series explored ten Biblical word pictures of God. (I would have preferred to subtitle the series, "God in His Own Image," but I conceded to the thinking of the creative team, who found that phrase too confusing.) Each week we produced a "trading card" with that image in iconic form on the front and the big idea and key texts on the back. Our summer sermons are designed to provide a sense of thematic and biblical coherence, even while allowing each weekly message to stand alone.

The first sermon in a series is always a challenge, as you need to set up the series as well as that particular message. I chose on this occasion to lean into the series introduction and then moved quickly into the theme for the message. The "college student" I referenced in the opening was actually my own son, but I chose not to mention that, both to protect his privacy and to prevent people being distracted from the point of his plea.

I decided to leverage my personal enthusiasm for the subject matter, both to pique their curiosity and to gain their permission ...

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Bryan Wilkerson is pastor of Grace Chapel in Lexington, Massachusetts.

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I. God is the Rock that is solid and dependable.

II. God is the Rock that provides protection.