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Episode 58 | 41 min

How to Preach Advent Like Never Before with Vanessa Stricker

How to Preach Advent Like Never Before with Vanessa Stricker
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For a lot of people, the holidays are physically frenetic, emotionally overwhelming, and spiritually distracting. Few slow down long enough to ponder what’s happening in their own souls, or to give more than a passing thought to the significance of this season: God coming to earth.

That’s why Steve Carter is excited to introduce you to an incredible Advent devotional, written by his good friend Vanessa Stricker, who is the Pastor of Peacemaking and Justice at One Life City Church in Fullerton, California.

Advent Reflections earnestly reminds individuals and families that hope, love, joy, and peace come from the God who does not shrink back from lament or suffering, but willingly embraces it to bring light into darkness. This is a great resource to guide you through this Advent season, so that you might experience his nearness.


Buy Vanessa’s Advent Reflections here.

Vanessa’s blog: onthesideofgrace.com

Church: onelifecitychurch.org





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