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Episode 56 | 41 min

How Every Preacher Must Fan the Flame with Jim Cymbala

How Every Preacher Must Fan the Flame with Jim Cymbala
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In his new book, Fan the Flame: Let Jesus Renew Your Calling and Revive Your Church, Jim Cymbala distills the Spirit-fueled, Bible-saturated ethos of his 50+ years in ministry. As Steve Carter affectionately quips, "Jim is like a firehose of passion and wisdom."

In this episode, Jim explains why Acts 20 is the “spiritual selfie” every pastor should aspire to. He pushes back against the church growth movement一which is consumeristic in its mission and methods一instead imploring pastors to preach the full counsel of God, in the power of the Holy Spirit, for the singular purpose of pointing people to Christ.

Jim offers a practical picture of his daily devotions, which includes a mixture of devotionals, Scripture, singing, and prayer. Rather than formulaic, his routine reminds novices and veterans alike that, above all, the call of every pastor is to spend time with God.


Jim’s new book: Fan the Flame

Jim’s other books: Fresh Wind Fresh Fire, Spiritual Warfare Is Real

Church: brooklyntabernacle.org

Jim’s Facebook



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