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Sermon Illustrations about Young People

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Young People to help bring your sermon to life.

Parents, Being ‘Cool’ … Isn't

A recent piece in The Washington Post observes the growing phenomenon of "cool" parenting—complete with selfies. There's just one ...

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Cellphones: The Invisible Addiction

Baylor University released findings about college students' cell phone use. Their shocking finding? Using cell phones is more time consuming for modern ...

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New York Catholics Are Putting the ‘God’ in GPS

As part of a new initiative to encourage prayer and mission among Catholic youth, the Church is issuing a limited number of prayer coins that contain ...

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The Science of an Adolescent's Changing Brain

An article in National Geographic asks: "Moody. Impulsive. Maddening. Why do teenagers act the way they do?" The article implies that gaining ...

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Slander a Sign of Youthful Arrogance

It is a sign of youthful arrogance to try to build up a reputation by assailing prominent figures.

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No Bible Knowledge

Increasingly, today's young people know little or nothing about the Western moral tradition.

This was recently demonstrated by Tonight Show host Jay ...

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Quelling a Rebellion

Annie Dillard, who won a Pulitzer Prize in literature at age 30, has written explicitly about her Christian faith. As a teen, however, she once decided ...

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Aging America

The rapid aging of the American population may be one of the most significant culture-shaping forces over the next generation. Between 1989 and the year ...

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