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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Worship to help bring your sermon to life.

God's Extras

Everyone is familiar with Sherlock Holmes, his faithful companion Dr. Watson, and Holmes's keen power of observation that solved countless crimes. ...

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Worship When You Feel Weary

"I can't do it!" I cried to God. "I can't handle the housework, my work, the loneliness of a husband who works so much." Then ...

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Worship, Work, and Play

Worship is the full commitment of one's life to God. But we have made our work the primary dimension of our lives, so it is little wonder that we ...

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Spectator Spirituality

Whenever I attend yet another church spectator event, I am reminded of A. W. Tozer's disdain and despair for "that strange thing--the program," ...

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On Holy Ground

I am often more likely to sense God's presence while engaging in a challenging conversation with a supposed non-believer than while sitting in a "required" ...

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Praying the Ten Commandments

In "A Simple Way to Pray" (1535), Martin Luther writes:

If I have had time and opportunity to go through the Lord's Prayer, I do the same ...

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Corporate and Personal Faith

Faith is caught. That's the corporate worship part. But faith is also acting on the will of God, and that's the personal part.

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Wrong Image

When men stop worshipping God, they promptly start worshipping man, with disastrous results.

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A Two-Way Staircase

Worship is a stairway on which there is movement in two directions: God comes to man, and man goes to God.

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Take Another Look

We need re-expression of the Christian gospel; but, maybe even more than that, we need re-realisation of the Christian gospel. The re-expression is not ...

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