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‘Oceans’ Singer Steps Out by Faith

Although she served faithfully in the youth ministry of her church, Taya Smith's singing talent was largely unknown among her church congregation. Having been forced to take time off from her job during the holiday season, she delayed too long to buy a plane ticket to visit her family. Since flights had become too expensive by then, Taya was stuck in Sydney for the holiday week. After attending a church recording that Sunday night, she sang her heart out with the youth band on stage and was noticed by the producers for Hillsong music.

Two mornings later Taya received a message from producer, Mike Chislett, requesting her to come over to the studio to do some backing vocals for a new music project. Since she didn’t have a driver's license, she traveled on multiple buses and trains over two days, and then rode her skateboard from the train station to the recording studio (about one and a half hours each way).

While at the studio, she was asked to record a song titled “Oceans.” It was the fulfillment of a prayer she had prayed two weeks earlier, asking God for help to step out into the unknown.

When released, the song “Oceans (Where feet may fail),” spent 61 weeks at number 1 on the Billboard Hot Christian Songs Chart. Billboard termed it the #1 Christian song of the 2010's. The song talks about stepping out into the unknown and was based on the moment the Apostle Peter walked on water.

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