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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Workers to help bring your sermon to life.

The Christian's Bottom Line

For the Christian, the bottom line can never be the bottom line.

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Not a Silent Night

My parents, Salvation Army officers, were out on a miserable December night for an open-air meeting. Not another person was around, but my dad said that ...

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Working Like Cinderella

While trying to meet a writing deadline, I "hired" my teenage son to handle the housework.

"What do you want me to do today?" he asked one morning. I quickly ...

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Study Tracks Incivility in the Workplace

According to a 2013 issue of the Harvard Business Review,

Rudeness at work is rampant, and it's on the rise. Over the past 14 years we've polled thousands ...

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The Stress of Work-Life Imbalance

There's no doubt about it, Americans work hard—or at least they work a lot. An extensive study from 2010 explored the impact of our work habits ...

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Stats Show Many Workers Feel Depleted

An article in The New York Times noted a 2013 survey of 12,115 workers worldwide which found that many lacked a fulfilling workplace. Of the 12,000-plus ...

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Many Workers Feel Bad 'Sunday Night Blues'

A global poll conducted by reveals that 76 percent of respondents in the U.S. report having "really bad" Sunday night blues. That's a slight ...

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Largest Lego Model Took Vision and Teamwork

The newest addition to the grand list of Coolest Things Ever was first unveiled in New York City in 2013: the Lego X-Wing, the largest Lego model ever ...

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Eiffel's Tower Is a Monument to Teamwork

For the 1889 World's Fair in Paris, more than a hundred artists submitted plans to design the centerpiece, the masterpiece of the Exposition Universelle. ...

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Neil Armstrong's 'One Small Step' Required Thousands of People

After NASA Apollo 11's incredible feat of three men on the moon in June of 1969, astronaut Michael Collins said, "All this is possible only through the ...

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