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Sermon Illustrations about True Religion

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on True Religion to help bring your sermon to life.

Hey Google, Is There a God?

In April of 1966, Time magazine set off a firestorm of public debate by publishing a cover story asking the question: “Is God Dead?” But looking ...

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We Must Build a God We can Live With

Neuroscientist, philosopher, and famous atheist Sam Harris spoke to National Public Radio about artificial intelligence. It is generally agreed upon by ...

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The Real Alternative to Pharisaism

The Christian alternative to Pharisaism is not Publicanism but costly discipleship. The laxity of the Publican is just as repugnant to God as the self-righteousness ...

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Inside Knowledge

Religions, like languages, must be understood on their own terms, learned, as we would learn French grammar, from the inside.

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Maintaining Pure Religion

We need to keep close to the ancient simplicity of the original Christian faith, and build our foundation on its original unity. We must abhor the arrogance ...

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Lost Responsibility

The single greatest loss in my time has been the idea that we are moral agents. Religion helped a great deal here. Religion taught that we are accountable ...

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Spirituality Is the Christian Life

Spirituality is a slippery term but the phenomenon itself is not new. Christian spirituality is nothing other than life in Christ by the presence and ...

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