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Artificial Intelligence Used to Write Christian Music

When Marquis Boone first heard the gospel song “Biblical Love” by J.C., he listened to it five times in a row. “This is crazy,” he said to himself. What amazed him was not the song, but the artist. The person singing “Biblical Love” was not a person at all.

J.C. is an artificial intelligence (AI) that Boone and his team created with computer algorithms. Boone said his interest in creating a Christian AI musician began when he started hearing about AI artists in the pop music genre. He said, “I really just started thinking this is where the world is going and I’m pretty sure that the gospel/Christian genre is going to be behind.”

Christians, he said, are too slow to adopt new styles, new technologies, and new forms of entertainment—always looking like late imitators. For him, it would be an evangelistic failure not to create Christian AI music. Boone said, “If we don’t want to grow with technology or we don’t want to grow with this. I think we’re going to miss a whole generation.”

Possible Preaching Angle:

What is the nature of worship music? Should we be singing songs written by AI to praise God? Matt Brouwer, a Canadian Christian singer-songwriter with four original top-20 hits, said that the more he thought about it, the more strongly he disliked the idea. He said:

If ever there was a desperate need for a human connection and a moment when the world is longing to unplug from technology, social media and Zoom calls, it’s now. Christian music should be an invitation to join a faith journey. That invitation means more when it comes from someone who’s already on that road. The idea of opting for a nonhuman machine to produce pop Christian hits instead of engaging with true worshiping hearts and young people who need encouragement to pursue what God is leading them to, is pretty grim.

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