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Sermon Illustrations about Trinity

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Trinity to help bring your sermon to life.

Leave Room for the Holy Spirit

The Trinity almost never comes up in the songs sung by American Christians, according to a new study from Southern Wesleyan University. In worship songs ...

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Our Weird Conceptions of the Trinity

Author Michael Reeves, author of the book Delighting in the Trinity, expresses our basic problem with the Trinity—that the Trinity is "seen not ...

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N.T. Wright's Projected Last Words

When the Bible scholar N.T. (Tom) Wright was asked what he would tell his children on his deathbed he said, "Look at Jesus." Tom Wright explained ...

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The Trinity Works Together for Our Rescue

While every analogy of the Trinity has its limitations, this picture illustrates one aspect of our Triune God—that they are all on the same team. ...

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A Surprise Invitation to Baseball Hall of Fame

Skye Jethani uses the following personal story to illustrate the beauty of God as a Trinity, a party of love and goodness and power:

Have you ever found ...

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Molecules Help Young Muslim Embrace the Trinity

In his book Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus, Nabeel Quershi explains how an insight from organic chemistry helped him, as a young Muslim, to accept the truth ...

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Jesus Obeyed His Father 20 Million Billion Times

Here's one way to look at Jesus' earthly life of obedience to God the Father. Jesus lived approximately 33½ years, or 1,057,157,021 seconds. In ...

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Finding the "Recipe" to Explain the Trinity

Bradley Nassif, a follower of Christ from Lebanese descent, tells the story of his grandmother, who often showed her love by cooking. Nassif writes:

When ...

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God Is not a "Loveless Dictator in the Sky"

Theologian Michael Reeves notes that many people in our culture who have rejected God may be reacting against a certain sort of God—what he calls ...

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Don't Chart God on a Grid

I like that scene in the movie Dead Poets Society in which Mr. Keating, an English instructor at an elite preparatory school, asks his students to rip ...

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