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Our Weird Conceptions of the Trinity

Author Michael Reeves, author of the book Delighting in the Trinity, expresses our basic problem with the Trinity—that the Trinity is "seen not as a solution and a delight, but as an oddity and a problem." Reeves explains:

In fact, some of the ways people talk about the Trinity only seem to reinforce the idea. Think, for example, of all those desperate-sounding illustration. "The Trinity," some helpful soul explains "is a bit like an egg, where there is the shell, the yolk, and the white, and yet it is all one egg!" "No" says another, "the Trinity is more like a shamrock leaf: that's one leaf, but it's got three bits sticking out. Just like the Father, Son, and Spirit." And one wonders why the world laughs. For whether the Trinity is compared to shrubbery, streaky bacon, the three states of H2O, or a three-headed giant, it begins to sound, well, bizarre, like some pointless and unsightly growth on our understanding of God, one that could surely be lopped off with no consequence other than a universal sigh of relief.

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