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Sermon Illustrations about Theology

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Theology to help bring your sermon to life.

Half-Truths We Accept as Facts

An article on NPR's (National Public Radio's) website lists 12 common half-truths that many of us have accepted as facts. For instance, various ...

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Compass Helps Crew Members Survive

In 2005 a retired merchant seaman named Waldemer Semenov donated a compass to the Smithsonian Museum in Washington D.C. The ordinary and small compass ...

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We Can't Understand a Story apart from the Context

Editor's Note: The following illustration from the book Fill These Hearts shows the need to put the Bible or theological statements into their proper ...

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Buddhism Also Claims to Be the Only Right Path

In his book The Intolerance of Tolerance, D. A. Carson notes that, at least in popular thought, Buddhism is much more open, flexible, and tolerant than ...

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Secular Author Tries to "Take the Bible Literally"

A book titled The Year of Living Biblically: One Man's Humble Quest to Follow the Bible as Literally as Possible came out a few years ago. It was written ...

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Scholar Warns That Faith and Truth Belong Together

Vishal Mangalwadi, a Christian scholar from India, shared the following story after visiting America:

In November, 2011, I visited two classes at a Christian ...

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Test for College Students Shows We Make Jesus in Our Own Image

In his book With, Skye Jethani tells about a test that Scot McKnight gives every year to his incoming group of college students:

The test begins with a ...

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Chess Masters Show Our Need for Theology and Doctrine

Many Christians only see bits and pieces of the Bible, lacking a big picture of how the Scriptures hold together. Theology and doctrine provide that larger ...

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The Importance of Teaching People What Not to Believe

In a 2011 blog post, Justin Buzzard wrote:

While I think it is important to be known more for what you are for than what you are against, just a cursory ...

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America's Four Gods

According to the authors of the book America's Four Gods, Americans differ widely from one another on two key areas of belief about God: (1) the level ...

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