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Sermon Illustrations about Tears

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Tears to help bring your sermon to life.

A Coach's Eulogy for His Wife

In mid-February (2016), Monty Williams, an Assistant Coach for the Oklahoma City Thunder pro basketball team, stood at his wife's funeral to give ...

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How Clay Turns into Gems under Pressure

Geologist Dr. James Clark recounts visiting the Soviet Union a few years after Communism dissolved. He was asked to preach at a small Russian Baptist ...

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Boston Marathon Bomb Victims Express Thanks

On April 15, 2013, one of the best-known sporting events in the world, the Boston Marathon, turned deadly when two homemade bombs planted close to the ...

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Birds that Need a Storm to Soar

The albatross, a majestic seabird with the longest wingspan of any bird, spends eighteen months at sea, touching down only on water, losing their ability ...

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Secular Writer Describes Her Grief

In her book The Year of Magical Thinking, author Joan Didion tries to make sense of her world after the death of her husband, John Gregory Dunne. Didion ...

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Easter Means the Redemption of Our Nightmares'

What does Paul mean when he says, "The Resurrection is going to swallow up the suffering and evil you're going through right now"? Here's a very imperfect ...

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'Slumdog Millionaire' Depicts God's Response to Suffering

The movie Slumdog Millionaire won eight Academy Awards in 2009 and gained popular acclaim. The story's poverty, violence, crime, and child exploitation ...

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Author Tries to Find a "Cure" for His Anxiety

In an article in The Atlantic magazine, Scott Stossel shares openly about his lifelong attempts to deal with the anguish of anxiety. From an early age ...

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How Shepherds Submerge Their Sheep in Antiseptic

British shepherds often take sheep and rams, one by one, and throw them into a dipping trough, a huge vat filled with an antiseptic liquid. The shepherd ...

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National "Get Over It" Day

Letting go and moving on is a difficult, painful process. Bad relationships, bad decisions—we tend to revisit the moments when we were not-so-smart ...

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