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Boston Marathon Bomb Victims Express Thanks

On April 15, 2013, one of the best-known sporting events in the world, the Boston Marathon, turned deadly when two homemade bombs planted close to the finish line exploded. The blasts killed three people, wounded 260 others, and cost 16 some of their limbs. For the one year anniversary of the Boston bombing, The New York Times profiled a number of survivors about how they're coping with the trauma. Naturally, the interviewees expressed a great deal of sadness, fear, anger, and even rage. But, surprisingly, there was also another theme that emerged from the interviews: gratitude.

One survivor put it this way: "Life, it's short. The day of the marathon just reinforces my belief. Life is short, and you need to cherish each moment." A 45-year-old female lawyer reflected on what she's learned after a year: "It was such a terrible tragedy that sometimes I feel guilty because it was a blessing for me. It made my life more rich, more full. I learned how to appreciate living in the moment. And I learned not to worry and stress about things as much. I don't let work bother me. I don't let piddling money issues bother me. It was not even a conscious effort on my part. It just changed my attitude." A 39-year-old scientist said, "I've had moments where I can't believe how close everything came. Now I embrace life for what it is. I want to keep on living and propel my positive energy to help other people be more positive."

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