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Sermon Illustrations about Spiritual Warfare

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Spiritual Warfare to help bring your sermon to life.

How to Test the Spirits

Demons are very cowardly, always anxious about the fire that has been prepared for them. To bolster your courage against them, take this sure sign: ...

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The Battle for the Soul

The soul is the place where man's supreme and final battles are fought.

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The World Holds Us Back

It is true there is difficulty in entering into godliness. But this difficulty does not rise from the religion which begins in us, but only from the irreligion ...

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God Always Provides Escape


Our train rolled into Kansas City at 1 a.m. Dim lights came on to help the new passengers find seats. Many of us who had been riding home through ...

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God's Ultimate Weapon

When God wanted to defeat sin, his ultimate weapon was the sacrifice of his own Son. On Christmas Day two thousand years ago, the birth of a tiny baby ...

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Onward, Christian Soldiers!

The gospel is not defense, but rather attack, and it is up to the world to decide its position! The gospel is glad tidings; and we will not allow the ...

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Don't Trust the Flesh

We ought not trust our nature, our flesh, no matter how spiritual we think we are.

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Reminded of Our Power

On July 15, 1986, Roger Clemens, the sizzling right-hander for the Boston Red Sox, started his first All-Star Game. In the second inning, he came to bat, ...

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The New Paganism

It is highly probable that in tomorrow's world Christianity will need to fend for itself either in a secularized social milieu of intellectual atheism ...

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The Devil's Entree

Irritation in the heart of a believer is always an invitation to the devil to stand by.

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