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Ted Koppel Reacts to Being Called Irrelevant

During the contract negotiations between David Letterman and CBS, the possibility of Letterman signing on with ABC to replace Ted Koppel's "Nightline" ...

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Children's Book, "The Velveteen Rabbit," on How to Become Real

The beauty that comes from experiencing God's love through exposure to the body of Christ is much like the quality of becoming "Real" in the children's ...

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Ego in Charge

Ashleigh Brilliant, that odd vestige of the seventies who scribbled his offbeat humor on hippie postcards, once penned: "All I ask of life is a constant ...

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High School Football Player Scores Touchdown of the Year

Sports Illustrated columnist Rick Reilly called it the "Play of the Year." A local newspaper called it "the touchdown heard around the world." Sports ...

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Teddy Roosevelt's Humility Before Creator

President Theodore Roosevelt's love of the outdoors is well documented. He was responsible for the creation of several national parks and monuments. In ...

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Late Newsman Roone Arledge Wanted to Do Important Things

The late Roone Arledge, after a stab at expanding into entertainment with a variety show starring Howard Cosell failed in 1975, told The Daily News in ...

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"About Schmidt": Making a Difference

In the movie About Schmidt, Jack Nicholson stars as Warren Schmidt, a man leading a life of quiet desperation. He retires from a vice president's job ...

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"Pearl Harbor": Anxious to Matter

Pearl Harbor tells the story of two friends, Rafe (Ben Affleck) and Danny (Josh Hartnett), who survive the attack on Pearl Harbor and enter World War ...

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1,100 Computers Become Supercomputer

Don't throw away that old computer. You might be able to use it for something big.

The New York Times reports the birth of a homemade supercomputer about ...

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Homeless Man's Hymn Becomes a Powerful Testimony

In A Cup of Coffee at the Soul Café, Leonard Sweet tells the story of the making of a film by two Londoners. In 1971 they began to film street people. ...

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