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Legendary MLB Announcer Thanks God

“It’s time for Dodger baseball … Hi everybody and a very pleasant good evening to you, wherever you may be.”

That was the opening Los Angeles Dodgers fans heard so many times over the course of Vin Scully’s 67-year career as broadcaster for the team. When Scully died in August 2022 at the age of 94, he received tributes from columnists, analysts, athletes, broadcasters, and friends from around the U.S., replete with examples of his greatest calls. For some of the most memorable moments in the history of sports, Scully was there. Everywhere you look there are stories of his impact on players, broadcasters, and fans—all because of his grace and compassion. Stories of Scully taking time for others and teaching others how to act abound.

But while others have heaped praise on Scully for decades, he said,

God has been incredibly kind to allow me to be in the position to watch and to broadcast all these somewhat monumental events. I’m really filled with thanksgiving and the fact that I’ve been given such a chance to view. But none of those are my achievements; I just happened to be there. ... I know some people won’t understand it, but I think it has been God’s generosity to put me in these places and let me enjoy it.

His legacy can be summed up by how he said he saw himself, “a very normal guy … I just want to be remembered as a good man, an honest man, and one who lived up to his own beliefs.”


Nathan Skates, “Remembering Vin Scully: the legend, the broadcaster, and a humble, faith-filled man,” Freedom Center (8-5-22)

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